Remove/Move A Flock

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Remove/Move My Flock Today!

Were you flocked? Want to move it to some one else's yard or just scare them away? Pay to have them moved and we'll take them away sooner! PLEASE NOTE: Once a flock is delivered, you can order an early removal until 3:00pm the following day and our flocking team can pickup after 4:00pm. If you don't order the removal/move by 3:00pm though, they just have to have another sleepover with you. Thanks for understanding!
  • To have the flock simply scared away, select "REMOVE" and we'll take them away early (and for $35.00 to cover their food and sleeping accomodations). To gift your flock to someone else's yard, select "MOVE" and provide us with the information for the new recipient below (and $45.00 to cover the cost of convincing all of those beautiful birds to abandon their post... they're pretty stubborn, ya know?!).
  • Anything we should be aware of? Large dogs? Rabid squirrels? Gated entry? Want to request a specific time for delivery?
  • You're welcome to remain anonymous... but it'll cost ya!