Flamingo Fundraising!

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Please note: This form will only provide the desired order and information for our flocking team! You must proceed to the payment page to finalize your order. Orders will be confirmed by our team within 48 hours of payment.
  • What date would you like us to deliver the flock? We're sorry, we need at least 24 hours notice. Please note: Flocks will be delivered after 4:00pm on the requested delivery date and will remain in place for approximately 48 hours (or until the recipient orders them away).
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Anything we should be aware of? Large dogs? Rabid squirrels? Gated entry? Want to request a specific time for delivery?
  • You're welcome to remain anonymous... but it'll cost ya!
  • Each flock comes with a "You've Been Flocked" yard sign, 20 flamingos, and a "You've Been Flocked" door hanger to share who flocked them, how long the flock will be visiting, and a note from you!
    Price: $45.00
  • We promise not to tell them it was you!
  • Good news! We now offer Anti-Flock Insurance. This coverage protects you against one flocking order. Your name will be listed under our "Current Anti-Flock Insurance Policyholders" list. If someone orders a flock to visit your yard, they'll be denied. Once a claim is made, you're not covered any longer. You won't be protected forever... We can help you remain anonymous, but it'll cost ya!
  • Remember this total! You'll need it to complete your purchase on the payment page!